Dr. Thanu Pillay will read your palm with a holistic view. You are a whole person and need to have your concerns addressed in a serious and compassionate manner.

Dr. Thanu Pillay was born in the holy village of Suchindram, which is near Kanya Kumari, the southern tip of INDIA.  During his school years, he learned the ancient art of palmistry from his uncle, Parameswaran Pillay, who was one of India's famous palmists. Thanu practiced palmistry in the southwestern state of Sausashtra or Gujarat, where he was well-known as a palmist. Throughout his career he has read the palms of college students, businessmen, authors, ordinary people as well as royalty. Dr. Pillay is gifted with psychic ability and is driven by a desire to guide his clients to empower themselves. He accomplishes this undertaking through his insight into the hidden talents of each person to maximize one's life potential - career, health, wealth, love, marriage, children and relationships.

During his student years in Stanford University and his subsequent corporate life Dr. Pillay has helped many individuals achieve their greatest potential. He has traveled to a number of different countries as a palmist including England, France, Italy, Syria, Russia.

While Dr. Pillay does not attend gatherings for the purpose of entertainment,  he will read individual palms and lecture to interested groups. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having your palm read or organizing a lecture.

 Fortune-Telling is the following excerpt under a reading by  Dr. Pillay:
"Pillay noted that the man’s thumb and a firm joint (not very flexible or bendable ). This showed that the man had strength of character and stubborn determination. Dr. Pillay told the man that he will be holding a very high position in his career. It turned out the man was the president of a major International oil company." 

Katherine E. Krohn


Basis of Fee Charges

If you want to have a detailed palm reading, please send digital photos of both the left and right palms. The fingers should be kept spread out in the natural position when you have someone take the photos. Label the pictures left or right palm. Take as many photos as you want so that I can see all the mounts and the lines on your palm. Also, give me one photo on the back side of your palms showing your nails.  (clear digital copies  will be excepted)

Please indicate if you are right handed or left handed. Also tell me your date and place of birth.

Please ask me any specific questions or the specific areas in your life you need more detailed information in my reading. It usually takes two to three weeks for me to complete a palm.


  1.  Analysis of Character

  2. Length of Life, 

  3.  Major events in your life, 

  4.  Career, 

  5.  Health,

  6.  Love life,

  7.  Marriage and Children.


One or two questions from any of the seven areas of one's life                    $20.00

Three or four questions from any of the seven areas of one's life                  60.00

Detailed reading on any three of the seven areas of one's life                        85.00

Complete reading of the palm which includes detailed reading on all seven areas one's life plus answers to any specific questions                    150.00

All requests for palm readings must be accompanied by hand print of both the left and the right palms, either Emailed by screening or by mail using photo copier.  Please make sure the photo copies are clear and show all lines.  Please also indicate whether you are right handed or left handed and  your date of birth and place of birth.

Dr. Pillay will accept checks, money orders or paypal. At time we only accept American Dollars.  If you scan your palm print in you may complete this transaction on line by sending the scanned copy to Dr. Pillay at his email address and then use paypal below for paying online.

Dr. Pillay's contact information
mailing address: Thanu Pillay - PO Box 31838 San Francisco, CA 94131